Guiding Principles

In medicine the fundamental aims are teaching how to improve your health, preventing you from getting sick and curing your illnesses. Similarly, in financial management the aims are selecting the proper investment strategy (improve health), avoiding unnecessary costs (getting sick) and reacting promptly if circumstances warrant it (cure illness).

Orthos Advisory AG helps clients integrate these observations and translate them into reality: we help investing with minimum costs and maximum consistency, following these Guiding Principles:

  1. We will help our clients in their investment and financial needs to the best of our abilities; we will not, however, engage in any consultancy which requires us to commit to unrealistic strategies, goals or expectations.
  2. We believe in aligning our interests exclusively with the interests of our clients; we will customarily be compensated only by our clients and will receive no additional emolument from banks, brokers, funds or other investment service providers.
  3. We will always act and communicate in a transparent and clear way.
  4. We follow the same principles in investing for our clients as we do for ourselves: if we wouldn’t buy it for our own account we will not recommend it.
  5. Investing is not about growing a business, but about doing the right thing for the right reasons; we will adhere to our investment process until something better comes along, and will not heed temporary market fads.