About Orthos Advisory
Orthos Advisory AG is a registered investment advisor that operates in three distinct modalities:

A. Management - discretionary investment management services

B. Advisory - non-discretionary investment management service

C. Consulting - supervision of overall investment programs

    We operate in a fully independent manner, and receive all of our revenues from our clients, thereby maintaining full objectivity in selecting investment strategies and vehicles for implementation.

    We strive to operate on a profitable basis and in complete partnership with our clients. This means that we shall periodically review our fee structure and will adjust it in relation to the volume and size of our business. In essence, the advantages of scale will be shared with our clients.

    Guiding Principles
    In medicine the fundamental aims are to improve the overall health of people, to help them avoid getting sick and to cure their illnesses. Similarly, in financial management the aims are selecting the proper investment strategy (improve overall health), eliminate unnecessary costs (avoiding getting sick) and reacting promptly if circumstances warrant it (cure illnesses).

    Orthos Advisory AG helps clients integrate these objectives and aims to invest with minimum costs and maximum consistency, following these principles:

    • 1
      We will help our clients in their investment and financial needs to the best of our abilities; we will not, however, engage in any mandate or consultancy which requires us to commit to unrealistic strategies, goals or expectations.
    • 2
      We believe in aligning our interests exclusively with the interests of our clients; we will be compensated only by our clients and will receive no additional emolument from banks, brokers, funds or other investment service providers.
    • 3
      We will always act and communicate in a transparent and clear way.
    • 4
      We follow the same principles in investing for our clients as we do for ourselves: if we wouldn't buy it for our own account we will not recommend it.
    • 5
      Investing is not about growing a business, but about doing the right thing for the right reasons; we will adhere to our investment process until something better comes along, and will not heed temporary market fads.
    About the Team
    Roberto Plaja
    Before founding Orthos Advisory AG in 2013, Roberto spent the last four decades in the investment banking and the investment management industries, working in a number of global financial institutions. A graduate from Cornell University (1976) and Harvard University (1979), he has covered roles in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, trade financing, private banking, portfolio management and the structuring of complex investment programs for families and institutions. He now lives in Küsnacht, near Zürich, with his wife and has two children living in New York.

    Stéphane Rueff
    Stéphane joined Orthos Advisory AG as a director in 2020. Stéphane is the Managing Partner at LLP Investments AG which he co-founded in 2012. LLP is an investment company that manages money for its own account with a long-term, value-oriented philosophy investing like a business owner. A graduate of the University of St. Gallen (2010) as well as CEMS/Esade Business School (2012), Stéphane has relevant experiences in management consulting, corporate finance (M&A) and business development (in the retail and enterprise software space). Stéphane also serves on the boards of LLP Investments AG and OneStock SAS. He lives in Zürich with his wife and his two children.
    Rabinder Sandhu
    Rabinder joined Orthos Advisory AG in 2022. Prior to this, she has worked for Goldman Sachs in both London and Zurich, for independent investment managers, and for family offices. A graduate from Warwick Business School (2003) and The University of Birmingham (2002), she has passed all three levels of the CFA program, and has held team manager roles in client services, wealth management operations, and business management. She lives in Zollikon, near Zürich, with her husband and two children.